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What is

At first sight it is a not very professional website, which has lots of colours and some confusing charts. There is a YouTube Channel and you can watch some videos. There is little value in those videos, many of the comments are outright false and show that the presentator has not even understood basic concepts.

The internet is a lovely place

Then you may also lookup the domain in WHOIS. You will then see in whose name the website is registered. Take that name and address and you will then end up at Mugshots - - Find Mugshots Online. Official Records, Criminal Records, Arrest Records and find out that the website owner was convicted for sale, manufacture and delivery of cocaine, crime committed back in 1994. He is now under parole state supervision until 2021, as you can see on the website of the Florida Department of Corrections. I am not including links with respect to privacy.

The United States, once the world's model democracy has muted into a police state

Honestly, my sympathy is with that guy. He has committed a crime 20 years ago and this is still haunting him today, because he is unlucky to live in a police state. And he does not make enough money with trading to pay Mugshots - - Find Mugshots Online. Official Records, Criminal Records, Arrest Records to remove his record from the website. I understand that MugShots is a website with a business model based on legal blackmailing.

No, the internet is a jungle

If you do not want to take the risk of being a trader, you just create your own website and sell whatever is possible. I think that the principal motive of traders to open trading rooms is that

-> they do not have the skill set required for trading
-> do not have the risk management tools to avoid the downside risk of trading
-> and therefore settle for a low risk business (little cost, but irregular income)

I am a bit tired of bashing all those websites longing out for the money of fools and inexperienced traders. In the end trading is a zero sum game, so it is all about entertainment. And if you buy those indicators or advice from any of these trading sites, you do get what you pay for: entertainment. I guess it is still better than a blackmailing business such as MugShots.

Poor America, where are you heading for? It is not so much different from George Orwell's Oceania.

@Fat Tails

We all make mistakes ..... what matters is what you do afterwards....

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On October 2, 1978, Tim Allen was arrested in the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport for possession of over 650 grams (1.4 lb) of cocaine. He subsequently pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges, and provided the names of other dealers in exchange for a sentence of three to seven years rather than a possible life imprisonment

Allen was nominated for one Emmy and 5 Golden Globe Awards.

He won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor Television Series Musical or Comedy in 1995 for Home Improvement.

In 1999, Allen was named a Disney Legend for his work on the Toy Story and Santa Clause franchises.

In 1999 Allen won a TV Guide Award for Favorite Actor in a Comedy.

For contributions to the television industry, Tim Allen was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6898 Hollywood Blvd.

In 1996, he won the Hall of Fame award at the Kids Choice Awards.

The cast of Home Improvement was honored with a "Fan Favorite" award at the 2009 TV Land Awards.

I'm just a simple man trading a simple plan.

My daddy always said, "Every day above ground is a good day!"
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