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The pattern Trapper (


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The pattern Trapper (

this is a review of the Pattern Trapper there are several video's posted on this website about how the indicator works and how well it works on trades. Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, I purchased it...needless to say there are better ways to spend $325 for the JumpStart indicator. It is basically the MACD, nothing more the only thing is it creates bars when on the oscillator when there's a set up. In the video's there aren't a lot of set ups popping up, but after purchasing there are several set ups and an overwhelming number of false set ups. The creater of the indicator said, to read the PDF file CAREFULLY, basically it tells one how to read a MACD. When using the MACD, the basic rule is to avoid trading when the slow and the fast lines are hugging or basically parallel to the zero line, well...when using the JumpStart oscillator guess what...yes you guessed right!

The vendor encourages people to purchase the $999 1-1 mentoring program so that one knows how to better use the oscilator. When I sent an email to the vendor stating the above, he never responded...I did mention I am not sure how much value I will get from the mentoring when there isn't much value in the indicator itself.

It's amazing what people are selling...yes its just as and even more amazing what people will pay for. Just goes to show one can put up a fancy web site use Ninjatrader market replay adjust it so that it so that the market is moving in your favor tweak an indicator and sell it - note: I'm not saying that The Pattern Trapper is doing this. Oh one more thing, you cannot tweak the indicator so that it doesn't create as many false set ups or for using it on other markets as the YM does not trade the same way as the 6E, TF, CL, etc.

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