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Juno Beach
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I had been in the room and purchased JAM's AutoProtrader, Idicators and Black Belt ( 3 months in the room)!

NO Holly Grail!

Nice job in the room by JAM, Kris, and KC..JAM does not promise easy road to riches and emphasizes the hard work needed...
You would have to be a fulltime trader to follow...Nice indicators and education
I had no benefit paying further for the room as basically I have another "Day job"

One caveat...I was unhappy with changing rules and and extra fees..Three months after I purchased the Autoprotrader, he added a yearly license fee of $25 and fees for upgrade.. Of course, those upgrades where free if you join the room again!

I did not think that was fair ( He could have just applied the CHANGE to new buyers but not those who already owned the system). Basic business practice..Do NOT change the rules in the middle of the game..

My 2 cents!

Fly G,
I hear you loud and clear and I will not be charging the 25.00 annual fee! You speak we listen
You were not the only one upset, so I cancelled it and chocked up to a learning experience for us! Thank you for you input.


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