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about Shadow Traders run by Barbara Cohan? (www.shadowtraders.com)

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Trading Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker/Data: Ninja/CGQ
Favorite Futures: CL
Posts: 71 since Mar 2010
Thanks: 6 given, 50 received

I opened this account with ampfutures and I funded it with 800 Euro , which is the margin for 1 contract of CL (crude oil). I do 1 to 3 ticks using one contract. Between april and october 2011 I only did simtrading, so in this period the equity curve is flat. In october I went live. From october to 8 december 2011 I did 80 trades, 76 winning trades and 4 losses. Profit 2157$ and loss 892$ .
But you have to substract commissions for 80 trades (4.78$ one roundturn). On 8th of december I learned how to include the commissions in Ninjatrader`s performance report. :-) sorry. So it is 400 $ less profit.
It is $ 865 of profit The losses are very big as I took a 30 tick stop usually. I tried it with 30 tick.

Then I learned how to put the commissions into Ninjatrader performance report.
9th to 31th december I did 25 trades, 21 winners, 4 losers.
$ 469.62 profit and $ 309.12 loss

First half of january was really hard. I had 2 ugly and stupid losses where I also did not follow my rules, and another loss.
$ 403,52 profit with 16 trades and $ 524,34 loss with 3 trades. I analyzed what I did wrong already...
I had a loss and I did a very bad revenge trade that also was a loss.
Another day I had a 30 tick loss and I scalped it back. But I did not realize that this does not work every time: Having a loss and trade it back like a wild animal... That day I was lucky, but the other day the same thing did not work.

Then I was in India until end of january.

From 1st of february until today (did not trade today, came home from work an hour ago) I did 47 winning trades and 1 loss. $ 782,94 profit and $ 104,78 loss. I am proud of that loss as I went out of the trade in a very disciplined way although it turned later and went in my direction.

Everything is with 1 contract, and I even tried to do more trades and only take 1 tick. 1 tick in CL is quite easy to make when you use fractals, pivots and other bounce points. My plan is to do that with more contracts when the account is big enough. Unfortunately I have to take money out of the account sometimes. But I want to do this style of trading at least with 2 contracts, and I try to improve every day.

WOW, what was that? Crude fell off a cliff! So you see the importance of an emergency stop...

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