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FT71 www.futurestrader71.com review

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A question for those who have watched his seminars. Can his methods be adapted to Ninjatrader? Or does it require particular MP indicators that are only available for his trading platform? Thanks.

Cloudy he uses Investor R/T... With the Market Profile edition it is $90.00/mo to lease... FT71 has chart setups you can import so you have his charts, then it is a matter of customizing and integrating his process into yours..

Like everthing in trading it is not plug & play but he will help you advance your trading education potentially faster than any other process..

Of course auction theory, etc must align with your logic/psyche...

While I do not believe in Vendors, FT71 is not a vendor, I can vouch for what he does.

Once you understand that trading is an auction process and what volume tells you at a specific price you will have a better understanding of what is going on and the ability to know what the markets potential is.

We never really "know" anything..we just recognize behavior that is repetitive and try to align ourselves with the market. Then put your helmet on.

The tools you use are what support the decision making process... There is always ambiguity when you enter the trade..that is the risk... then you find out ...

FT71 and some of the books mentioned here would be a great place for any trader new or experienced to explore... Remember it is not necessarily replicating what he does..I don't think many can - like everything else. It is seeing the concepts and then creating a process from tools that align so you can execute with minimal conflict... Just my 2 cts...



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