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ninjaindicators4u looks interesting

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Yes, I would agree that with this thread's 1000+ views, TT is probably getting a lot more attention these past few weeks. I find it surprising you're still using the TT indicators primarily after one year? So your goal is going for a scalp point or so at a time? Yes, the genius nailed those max highs and lows pretty good, lol.

Sorry I don't quite believe in the "synergy" of indicators anymore. It kind of reminds me of Doc Barry Burns and his "" course where he has five "energies"(indicators like stoch and macd) and to look for synergy. It's what a brand new daytrader student is told to look for if he starts out using an indicator system or for dupes like me who fall for a vendor set of indicators again.

I've already bought the TT indicators and the sold dream of nailing exactly top and bottom and of a 3-5 pt trend based on an indicator set. It's the price I pay for my stupidity and gullibility. So what I'll do now is drop the DMIDiff, TriangleTrend101, Binary Oscillator, BBBDIffOsc, from my charts and keep RWO and SwingCycleVB. Since I had stopped using stochastics for a long while, I'll use SwingCycleVB. And use RWO for divergence picking. If it doesn't prove any better than my modified macd, I'll drop it too along with the others in my junkstore secondary drive.

Here we go. First you can see the SwingCycleVB not overlayed with price. It looks like two oscillators crossing each other. Hardly a novel idea. Then I overlayed two stochastics and fiddled with the settings to approximate the SwingCycleVB in 10 minutes. Maybe some weighting or other settings will make it exact. Then one could code color changes whenever a bollinger band "squeeze" occurs or some other logic to change colors on the oscillators. (macdBB's code probably can be modified to do just that) Which has been commonly seen on MA's which change color. And here we have it. Someone else could probably do much better. Notice the stochastics cross each other fairly close to the SwingCycleVB crossing intersections. And now you've got a cycle cross which you can also overlay on the price chart to help make entry and exit decisions. Have fun.

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