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Order Flow Analytics (www.orderflowanalytics.com)

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You're exactly right. My hard stop is actually bigger. But, he's also wrong in assuming that just becauase you buy at 1234.00 with 100 contracts there, that as soon as you get 101 contracts, it'll down tick. He's assuming no one will will put in new orders. Orderflow is about trading where potential market depth occurs. In means, ADDITIONAL volume should come in and for the most part, I can actuall live with a 3 tick stop loss without using the tracker. The tracker is simply icing on the cake.

Cool - we've gone from 1 to 2 to 3. Good stuff.

Re-read my post.

You put in a limit order for 1 contract with 2000 people ahead of you.

Then you get hit because the 2000 got traded or pulled.

Then you need people behind to stop price going past your entry because your stops is 1 tick away.

Well - that's a degree of accuracy no-one trades off.

I know your stop is bigger than 1 tick. I explained above.

Average 3 tick loss - a much more reasonable claim. I wont push you for any increase above.

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