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ninjaindicators4u looks interesting

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Thank you very much Jayminho for relating details of your longer experience with triangletrend indicators.
It help confirms what I was afraid of. Nailing close to the exact top and bottom like he does is extremely hard to duplicate by anyone else. One could incur a lot of losses before finally catching on a trend.

I emailed him the question about live trades too. He also said the same thing about age and energy and yes, I can respect that. But at the same time I don't see what the problem is recording the whole session and just editing it to show live entry and skip ahead to the live exit with the common video software out there now. He certainly knows how to do transitions on his videos. Al Brooks in his recorded live webinars has an editing program that only re-records the video when he's talking so as to condense the recorded videos and not the whole 6 hour NYSE session.

you definitely got a point here - if he knows how to record/edit he could easily demonstrate something live, it doesnt even have to be live, just record and show he is doing it from his account, not a sim acc.

Did you get the RWO indicator? It was supposed to replace linear regression and rsquared. I found I prefer using RWO for divergences than DMIDiff. But actually I could still use the ol MACD just as well for divergences.

nope.. i didnt even mind buying it, im old tt .. lol, from a time there was no swing cycle and no rwo, acctually here is something interesting, prior to swing cycle he used to plot a linear regression at 60 and would use it as "bias line" for uptrend/downtrend , back then he would only post pictures of his trades, so maybe he still got this pictures in his archives, he also had a different entry method, that he called "the decision bar" which simply is the second or third bar after a triangle form, so you wouldnt catch a trend too late, with the introduction of the swing cycle i realized he changed a lot of his methodology, he takes trades on fourth bar, fifth bar, after the triangle is formed, maybe because he now relies so much on swing cycle to determinate if its oversold/overbought

And imo, TriangleTrend101 and it's oscillator counterpart BinaryTriangle are the least effective of the triangle indicators. Why? because it's absurdly simple to see Renko bars forming a new "triangle". There's no real edge to drawing colored hypotenuses on Renko bars is there?

so true!!! the systems is based on dmi diff, bbosc, swing cycle, thats it! + his entry methods (and my own of course)

If anyone else is curious, the SwingCycleVB is the best out of the bunch if you're going to buy only one of the indicators. But I bet a good coder like FatTails could make something similar as it's color coded to hidden bollinger band values. Heck, I could probably make something similar, I've coded and modified a couple for myself. Just that I'm spending most of my time trying to be trading profitably rather than coding indicators. Just put a stochastic on overlay on price like the Felton method, and put another oscillator on overlay and now you have something similar to SwingCycleVB.

i thought about that once as well, buy the indicator for fattails or anyone else, and kindly ask him if he can emulate something similar. acctually, thats a very good idea from you.

Thanks for showing your setup Jayminho. I'll give it a try. I guess this is the case yet again where one has to make indicators work with one's own methods instead of following the exact methods of the creator if it can be duplicated at all. But at this moment my sentiment is to burn the indicators in the trash if I could and get drunk listening to that ol' western tavern piano music of the triangle trend videos, Doc Holliday's magik Eeeelixer!

lol, i know how it feels like. thing is, old don is legit. and if he is not, he is a very good fraud. (and he is also dumb, because he could be making money with his system for real ) now.. i learned a lot from both old entry method + with the addition of swing cycle, it changed , i have adapted to it, and incorporated to my entries as well.

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