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Order Flow Analytics (www.orderflowanalytics.com)

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1. Already said - one group of people who has been with DB for a long time. Second group are new traders, and out of that, there are people who are seriuosly about learning and some who aren't.

2. Read my post again - average loss 1 tick (0.30), average win about 3-4 ticks. Again, that's the way the tracker was tuned to be extremely aggressive since my entries sometimes weren't best - he just wanted to make sure i minimize losses and not necessarily going for gains. The whole process for me right now is just to finetune my entries.

BTW, I am not sure why people keep wanting to say OFA is market profile, it is NOT.

Why didn't you buy the Synthetic Order Routing tool from OFA?

Wouldn't the conditional OFA orders help you to fine tune your entries?

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