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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Nakachalet, I respect everyone's opinions. There are many different ways to trade.

My goal in trading was to find a method that enables me to have both a high win rate and a high reward to risk ratio. I believe I have acomplished this but being curious, I always like to learn new tricks.

That's a very encouraging post indeed and congratulations are in order. Most traders who were enjoying both a high R-R ratio AND a high win rate wouldn't be looking around for anything that might mess that up. Obviously, you are now making an incredible amount of money consistently so my advice would be to NOT CHANGE ANYTHING.

To find both consistently high R-R and high WR is like hitting the lottery and winning the Golden Goose. Unless it breaks, don't try to fix it. With all their money and unlimited resources, even the biggest banks and institutions do not have what you have. You either are, or will be, one of the richest people on planet Earth. Congratulations again to The Seeker! You might even consider changing your name to The FoundIt. I look forward to reading about you in Forbes magazine, perhaps...good job!

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