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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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any system that can CONSISTENTLY pocket 4 tics is considered QUITE GOOD

I have been in Roger's room for a few days and liked it. It seems he is a good trader and the methods he uses make sense from what I could tell.

I didn't continue because the emphasis in his rooms seems to be on scalping, something I was not aware of before I registered for the free trial. I don't like to scalp for 5 ticks, just too stressful.

Of course, divergences appear on any time frame so maybe it would have made sense for me to stay.


a serious trader would consider consistent profitable trades of 4+ tics each click of the order, quite acceptable, in his/her repertoire; especially for someone who has not been in the trading pool with the sharks for a few years.

alright, theseeker, if the name were changed to other than SCALP, would that make any different in your trading perception and acceptance of such trading system, pls?

if i were learning how to trade, i would welcome a consist 5+ tics profit for each click of the mouse.

furthermore, for such a generous offer for bmt trader to return as often as a trader likes--to watch and learn from an established trading room, i would immediately jump on such generosity.

besides, many a time, starting out as a scalp trade, the scalp position would loom into longer terms position as well.

in my opinion, if trading for 5 tics is stressful, then trading for a full point would it or won't it be even more stressful, pls?

i am by no means trying to challenge you nor to discourage you.... but just like you to rethink the concept of profitability, K?

from my personal experience, it is much much more stressful to trade for a full point or a few points. generally, as a trader tries to trade for greater profitability each session, the stake and the risk are correspondingly greater as well.

even if a trader mastered all the trading setups, there is to be mastered from this trading forum or others; there is still no guarantee that he/she would survive with the sharks in real time.

theseeker, there are plenty of greater traders and trading advices around here which can ultimately help you and others to trade more proficiently and profitably. hope you would have the patient to seek that golden needle in the hay stack. wishing you the best in trading. you can learn lots from roger's trading room plus many many good logical trading advices as well. <no, i am not in biz with roger, nor have any financial interest in his biz, ok. just like to give him credit where it is due>

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