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Shadowtraders system. Scam or real? (

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Thank you so much for the charts...

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THey do classes for training every wednesday and thursday. Class begins now, at 11AM to 1 PM, held by Melanie and it comes for free, with the course. Melanie teaches how to follow a trend by using the moving averages and the LinReg which have to be parallel. I am not a trend trader, but I go to the wednesday classes. Thursday classes are not for my time zones.

So I apologize - I will listen now... cannot do more postings now...

Trader 2,

Thank you so much for these charts. This is really what it's all about here. TRADERS HELPING TRADERS! As Woodie whom I believe actuallly invented the "Woodies CCI" indicator would say "No candle ever went out by lighting another candle. " Yes I can see the charts were flat. However the chartsd are great. Why? They show me that the way the fractals are sent up to go long, along with your "curving down" indicators that say its not time to go long..I can see that you could probably get in on a trade in either direction and still be able to jump out if you are wrong regardless of how you interpret the trade. Why? For me, its because I like to take trades that have big R/R/ ratios of like 3-1 or better. My minimum is 2-1. But maybe that criteria might be holding me back. Maybe I need to risk more, to win less. I know that is counter intuitive, but every person I talk to says the key to success in trading is always risking a little money to make a lot on each trade. But if we "all" know this, why are most of us who do it like me, still not getting the results they want and being comfortable with it. I am always apprehensive before any trade regardless of how great the r/r/ is because I cant EVER seem to stay in the "over 50%" winning trades category to build my confidence enough to trade sufficient capital to make a living at futures/forex and have confidence of winning every single week. Thats always been my goal. Not to win every day which is unrealistic, but to never have a losing week. I need to "know" that, rather than hoping to achieve that. Maybe this system would help me do that or lead me towards making up my own system where I can trade "without ANY indicators" and have the eye to see a chart and know which way I should go by learning pattern recognition and using indicators know more like training wheels on a bicycle for small children....just something to use for a while until you can discard them at some point!

I cannot however deal with a 1 minute time frame to trade from. Do you think I could make Barb's system work if using a 233 tick chart or even a 4-renko chart which I use now? I need at least 3-5 min between bars to "feel" I am in control and to BE calm. Otherwise I could have just stayed with stocks and deal with the pressure of having to trade a different stock every day. Been there, done it. Hated that way because your nervous system gets shot from constantly scanning new charts and symbols.

What do you think about that? and btw....... are you coming close to being profitable consistently? I was told there is about a 2 month learning curve to make it really work if you are an intermediate level trader like myself. Trader 2, thanks again for posting those charts to let me see a couple of indicators,, as I admit I dont want to really hear any more "Dont trust anyone and learn your own stuff" even one more time here. =)... Why? I do that now and I am all over the place from reading about different methods and modalities from other traders, some who are really, really good and claim to be making a living at this game we call trading. Anyway, some guy left me his number on my phone while I was away these last few days saying he could answwer any questions I have. Heck, Ive spoken to 2 or 3 traders from this organization, I need to hear something that makes that light bulb go on and I go "BAM, This method makes me feel very confident and comfortable. Alas, I DO NOT get that feeling yet. I will call back and make a decision. I still feel something holding me back. Still, I would love to just focus on one instrument and master it already. Perhaps the 6E which Melanie claims is her favorite and I like it as well. So that would be a compatible start right there. Hmmmmm........

muchos gracias,

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