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Shadowtraders system. Scam or real? (

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I took shadowtraders course and several 4 day seminars.
I saw Barbara Cohen trade, and it was near 100 % . I never saw another trader trade live in front of others and every trade worked out. She is the only one I ever saw trading in front of others like this and with this perfection. She was on sim but I followed her with my live account. She has a broker licence and she is not allowed to show her life trading, but she can trade. On seminars she is allowed to show "education", so on seminars she is allowed to trade in front of others. She takes 3 ticks with a countertrend strategy on CL. I am doing the same, since october 2011 and since then I make money.
I am sorry to hear that the is scientologist, I did not know that. Are you sure? This is a shock for me.

Honestly, I bought many packages, but this one was the only one that helped me with my own trading.
I do not get money from them to write that in forums. I am just thankful for their help, as I tried so much.
I am also a member of fulcrumtraders. I am independent, just a private trader, a bit nervous and hesitant, scared money, etc.. My "gaptrades" on CL that I learned from Barbara make me money. I trade part time.
Today I made 3 trades on CL, each trade 3 ticks, 1 lot. I could have made more, but I want my 97% winning rate. So you can see that I am a real person! No magic!

Except of their "fractals" they use indicators that you find in Ninjatrader. Moving averages, MACD, BuySellVolume (Barbara coded it for Ninja). Pivots very important for trading CL. They give us every day pivots for that day. It comes with the package and it helps a lot, they do it manually for their clients.
So of course they do not let you try their software. They do not want to let you know as you get their knowledge once, you can use it and you will not have to buy the course. You can watch all their videos and then never buy the course...

I have a checklist for my CL trades that Barbara gave me, and it works for months now.
Barrier (like a pivot or a fractal), long tail/wick on 1 min chart, MACD not going through centerline, V in the linreg 4, angle in the EMA 13, EMA 13 angle 45 degrees or less (comes with the software), number of ticks to EMA 13, be careful with SMA200, and several "fundamentals" to watch. Sounds simple, right? A kind of momentum-based bouncetrade from barriers. That is their countertrend strategy. Others play trend following strategy by using several indicators and moving averages. The core of their work is their "fractals" that means that they plot the tape on the chart and draw trendlines out of that. So you can see support and resistance.

I learned from Barbara many of the games that are played in the markets and of course the wants her clients to pay her seminar to learn that. No trial.

I was in so many chatrooms and there are not many traders that show you really their trading. They tell you that they scale in and out, but in fact you never know if they are in the trade or not. Many of them tell you hindsight that they were in the trade... (but only the winners). Barbara proved to me that she IS in the trade, as she was able to show it. You see her sim DOM, and sim because she says that a room moderator is distracted by multitasking. But you can follow. And yes, they go for very few ticks, but that works! I can tell you. I do not believe that any small lot trader makes money catching big trends. But for scalping really you can trade with this "system" and 1000 Dollar account and make money, then increase account size and trade more contracts.
I think that "experienced traders" tell so many lies to unexperienced traders about "trend trading". The unexperienced trader goes from chatroom to chatroom to find that magical head trader that helps him to turn a very small account into a large account by finding those mysterious big trends that they are able to catch. Then the unexperienced trader buys much software, indicators, books etc. to find that holy grail about catching the trend.

Again, shadowtraders do not pay me to write this here. But I found out that my "holy grail" is to take 3 ticks with each trade. That is the only way I make money, and I trade with a very small account that I doubeled already since october, and that is realistic for me! Shadowtraders for me is one of the companies that don`t tell you all those lies about get rich quickly, but they show you something that is so simple and you do not need that big account. You just follow some very simple and common rules. So of course they do not give you a trial of their software as this is their knowledge.

Yes, they tell you something about getting rich quickly if you double your contract size very often, and they sound very optimistic. Sometimes their optimism helped me a lot. I was very tired from hearing all the time "YOU NEED A 100 000 dollar account" and "IT WILL TAKE YOU YEARS" etc. Big guru words.

It took me years to find a simple system that I trade with a 1000 dollar account, yes, that is true, and I make my 50 to 100 dollars a day, and in holidays like chrismas of course I also had losses because of no liquidity. That is real trading live. I do not make money when markets do not move, that is true as well, and very often they do not move...

The woman has never supported herself from trading and never will, because: a) she's not a trader, and b) her strategy is not scalable

she earns her living( not from trading) but by, selling a methodology that is geared toward the retail trader who seeks comfort, not profitability

if her methodology was so profitable, she would be trading it herself, not selling it,

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