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Just to correct a couple things. Mit orders are not used. Entries are based on market structure and if the market is moving quickly, entries will happen quickly. If you are just watching in the room, some entries will happen too quickly for them to be announced and for you to act. These fast calls happen from time to time and sometimes generate complaints. The room moderator seems to have noticed and is starting to give a heads-up when an entry looks to be developing. But again, if the market is moving too fast, advance notice is not always possible.

As someone who has learned the system I use stop orders, never market orders. Once you know what to look for, you don't have to wait for the entry to be called out - you just place your stop order at the appropriate price.

Initial risk is normally larger by 1, sometimes 2 depending on rounding, ticks than the initial first target. There are usually 3 fixed targets and the 4th trails. Stops and targets are based on the chart interval you trade, so a 10 range chart will have stops and targets that are twice the size of a 5 range chart. Same idea with time based charts: a 60 minute chart will have larger stops and targets than a 1 minute chart.

Purpose of room is to advertise for the training (this is stated almost every day in the room). Room price is reasonable and based on my experience, even just trading 1 contract I can't see how you couldn't at least recoup the cost.

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