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Trading the 6E with the Trade Size Analyzer for NT

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Just like to thank you for your posts and observations and for drawing my attention to Zondors Trade Analyser.
I've been trying to understand how to use volume for some years. i'm always drawn back to it when ever I leave it alone.

Don't know if you've come across a trader by the user name of ElectronicLocal, not on (formerly BMT).
I have no association with him, just that much of what you say reminded me of his approach and it may be of some benefit I don't know.

What I find interesting is the "context" we're all trying to find, or at least it's the lack of context within which to trade that seems to render almost all approches inconsistant.
EL uses an EMA 33 and EMA99 on a range chart with what he calls "order flow" to trigger entries.
I recall he uses MP only for levels within which to frame his expectation.
Expectation and not predication.

EL aside, I have tried to put volume in context from learning a method that relates volume to price, in so far as volume moves in cycles of dominance and non-dominance. That cycle is a repeatable "phrase" if you like.
just as price moves and retraces etc...

The main question for me is when does a retrace become a reversal, not withstanding that every reversal starts with a retrace.
Using the containers (trend lines) within which price moves, in association with the volume cycle to which those containers relate has helped me maintain a context of which direction is dominant or non dominant.
Knowing this means I am able (to the best of my ability) to see if/when I am on the right side of the trend and then trade accordingly.

Sorry to ramble, but your thread, which I've just found, is very interesting for me.

Your question of What, when and where are at the heart of it all.
What I've learnt in my volume analysis is answering those question to a large degree, although I still have issues with what's termed "fractal level" (ie what fractal am I on ? as a volume cycle (fractal) is built by faster cycles) but it's not a problem that cannot be dealt with in real time.

I happened to post a few charts in tigertraders ES Spoos thread today if it is of any interest.

Lastly my thx again and if I may ask, is the Zondor TA available in (formerly BMT) ?


Ps I've attached an example from today posts in tigertraders thread if it's not an intrusion.
The shorts at around 12.30 was due to me selling into perceived weakness.
I was able to correct things by covering and going long once I saw that doninance was long and that what I read as an up retrace in down trend was in fact the first leg of a dominant up trend and volume told me that.

It's important to mention that I'm using the volume cycle as a leading indicator of price.

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