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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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@Marc V. There is the template. double click the file to see the indies inside. you have to be an Elite futures.io (formerly BMT) member to download the indies. This template is just one of my ideas to view and trade the markets. As of late, I haven't used the BTTFT indies. I am from the NT6.5 era and I am having a little trouble trying to get the latest version of the Flux to work on my charts, i.e. the 3 min marker on the 4 range chart. When I bought the Flux, I learned it's applications from the Training Garage and never used any training time from Ron. Being Ron is most helpful, maybe he would help me over come these minor adjustments. My experience is that Ron, Mike and Ben have always been very helpful and honest in their Flux dealings.

Thanks Tiberius for the file. I guess I will have to wait a bit till I become an elite member here to make use of it.Wish i could see a gallery charts posted somewhere here on different time frames. I am on info overload trying to analyze too many things at once. One thing I am learning by overloading myself like this is....just because something works for some one else, doesn't mean it wont be either too boring, too stressful or ill suited for you. I wish I was part of a live team sitting in a trading room. Heck, we could allocate 4 hours a day just to analyzing all the ideas and methodologies proposed on THIS board, let alone all the majors like FF. Keep us all posted on how you do. Best wishes for your success. Anyone else using Tiberius charts, I'd love to see a few or hear how they are integrating with your method or as a stand alone.

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