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Trading the Jam way

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Juno Beach
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Hi Jam, glad to see you post some of your thoughts. I was wondering do you have an anchor or bread and butter trade setup, one that provides you a consistent positive result and you could talk about for hours ? Did you specialize in one particular setup ?


I could talk about all of this for hours as for one particular setup, yes I have a couple that I really like and use daily. Here is the problem however, if you don't know all of this other stuff, how will you know your market structure and know when "NOT" to take the setups?

Everything that I am sharing here is building a foundation of understanding and will be used in higher time frame analysis as we move into the area of trade entry.

For trade entry, I use chart patterns only and do not enter on any indicators at all. With chart patterns I can control my risk a little easier.

Hope this helps,


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