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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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What was the actual Problem with software, Kronie?


I just watched a pre-recorded webinar with this software and it looks fascinating. It does appear that his dots do appear on a 5 min chart (at least the US/CAD chart he had up) 75% of the time at reversals. But....what I would love to know was, how old was that chart? Was it the same day of the webinar ...or cherry picked? Big difference. Also, Im on his site now which I think is called: backtothefuturetrading.com and I dont see any free trials for either the software or the trade room. I cant believe they want me to fork over over 2k with no trial. Hey I would even spend a few bucks to just watch them trade for 2 weeks. That would be enough for me to decide if the risk was worth it for a 5 min chart. I will keep reading his website, maybe I missed it. Anyway, I was hoping Kronie and any one else who owns this software to answer my question and possibly tell us all how the room is and if it adds value to the software program? Thanks in advance.

And yes, yes, yes...no need to remind me. Whenever I see ANY vendor, my first thought is "If this software and/or system is so good, why is he selling it? Yet I really want to believe that at least 2-5% of these vendors are selling their chatrooms/software because they thought they had a great system and it had 1 or 2 flaws, or it was too nerve wracking or they didnt have the discipline to trade it properly. I need to believe this because we all know manyhedge funds are using black boxes and some of them have to work.(I HOPE. lol ) I feel even if I buy software that isnt profitable on its own, if I can use it as a major indicator or learn a new "style" of trading, maybe its worth it. For example I bought software that uses a signal for when the 13 ema crosses the 89ema and boys, the results have been very, very interesting on the 6B and NQ for October and especially November. Thats about 85% of what produces the signal anyway. But I hope someone here can show me the software in this thread has value.

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