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emini trading school (www.eminitradingschool.com) review

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Big Mike View Post
I don't think Blitzkreig works for the vendor or is affiliated with them. Blitzkreig, do you work for them or are affiliated with them?

I think instead it is probably just lack of experience. No offense to Blitzkreig as many (in fact, most) traders bounce around from one system to the other, and they really never truly understand trading for themselves.

Why would you spend your time in this way? I mean most vendor stuff is pure garbage, cherry picked charts, get rich quick, 2 points a day, let me show you how much money I made crap. Why would you purposely spend time in this way?


Hi Mike,

Great Question! I am single, no kids & have so much free time. Trading for me is not an occupation; it is what I do. I'm on the internet quite a bit of each day (like most traders) and the free trials and small purchases here and there help kill the boredom from my swingtrading and short-term trading.

Every once in a great while I learn a new technique or 'nugget' of knowledge. I go in phases where I couldn't care less about new methods/techniques, etc... Then I feel like checking out a few more. It's pretty much a useless hobby; but so is golf.

I'm 45 years old and in a few years I'll probably stop checking out the vendors when I find something better to do during my downtime, eh?

I guess I shouldn't have said anything specific about Blitzkreig, so I apologize for that.

I get craploads of email invitations for 'garbage' vendors--I enjoy the 'pitches'--had an old boss who was a pitchman. Checking email and surfing the web during my intraday daytrading is better than watching CNBC. When a setup appears; I then concentrate on my trading.

In the last several years I never ever spend more than $200 or so on anything and it HAS to be guaranteed money-back on my credit card. Have done some group purchases back in the day that cut out my outlay (pre 2005).

Again, that is a good question. I spend about 2.5 hours a day intraday trading and my swingtrading takes about a total of 45 minutes per day. 15 hours a week of 'real' work a week.

I guess I could be spending all my free time volunteering or finding that special woman to make babies with and make the world a better place; nope, I am not that kind of guy.

You figured out an AWESOME way to take your trading profession and expand it (to keep you sharp and assist others) by creating this cool website.

Finally, I have an outlet for trading--which is my trading partner that I work with everyday. He gets a total kick out of our stupid little hobby of checking out vendors and just constantly harassing them. There is a reason why the vendor section of your website is so popular.

It helps me to get the 'poison out' without being a menace in my local neighborhood.

: )



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