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emini trading school (www.eminitradingschool.com) review

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The challenge I have with Greg and Giles, is this and the post above about how great they are.......

1. My buddy invited me to attend a 'free' day of sitting in the room watching his software. I attended while doing other things and his software was full of S&R lines, trendlines, and all kinds of gizmo's and gadgets. He DID call trades and it was comical in how rotten his trade calling was, but of course he was always 'on the phone, sorry guys' when a trade moved any decent amount. My buddy paid I think 7K for the 'software' and that was around Dec 09'.

2. Greg is a likable guy as well as Giles and they have a lot of charisma. Greg I think lives in Aspen and Giles in Washington State (Seattle area).

3. Greg claimed that he hadn't had a losing day in like 30 or 40+ days as I can't recall now. All the days I watched him with my buddy I saw that he lost almost every single day. I stupidly took some of the trades he called out as my indicators seemed good too (but ES was not my instrument) and lost 1,600.00 in one day! My buddy lost a lot more.... And I actually signed up for the month long morning webcast.

4. Another 'trader' would get on there after Giles asked what we traded and would say, "I just made 10 points on the TF" and we would ask follow-up questions and there would not be another post or it would be real quiet and suspicious like, "Well, Greg showed me how to find the perfect setup with the software and so glad I bought it" blah blah blah... Now, this could be true, but I really don't think so....

5. So, from January 10' (last time I had anything to do with them) to later that year, somehow Greg mastered Market Profile and created the perfect software and how to trade with it! Amazing! He is a master trader who can switch between methods so easily and has now created an even better suite of software.

I explained my story before and I just wanted to say, that I have direct experience with the software and this group and of anybody I have dealt with in this business, these two are about as obvious as anyone. I wonder what they think when they read this post.... Gosh, I truly hope that they either provide some real value some day (judgement of my own I know...) or leave the business. Of course their NEW software could actually be good and if that is the case, good for them.

I wish there was a rating system so I could give these guys negative stars....

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