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emini trading school (www.eminitradingschool.com) review

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My Personal Experiences with The Emini Trading School

Approximately one year ago I stumbled across the Emini Trading School while searching on YouTube. Being new to Emini trading I had a few questions about their charts and methodology. I called Greg on the phone and he answered all the questions that I had. Trading at the time for me was a hobby and I realized that some investment capital was neccessary in training and software costs to hopefully speed up my learning curve. After buying and reading the book Mind Over Markets by Peter Steidlmayer that Greg recommended we read before taking his course I decided to sign up for his 6 day online live trading seminar and purchased the software package. I fully realized the risk of not receiving anything of value but after the course was over I had a completely different view and approach towards the markets as a whole. Without getting into a debate about Market Profile as many traders see it as redundant it is not a trading methodology but was designed by the CBOT as a means of getting daily trading information faster to the floor traders in the pre-electronic instant information age we now live in. Greg has created a software package that helps to portray this information as well as highlight areas of extreme or unfair highs and lows giving the trader a better likelihood of success with order placement outside of the mean. Without going into all the nuances of Auction Market theory the software for me really lays out a solid foundation of how the markets facilitate trade on a daily basis. It has however taken me quite some time and commitment to study and learn how to use the software. Of course I haven't studied or tried every other vendors software who makes similar claims but to my personal knowledge so far I haven't seen anyone else who offers a similar trading plan along with the Market Profile framework.

I haven't attended the Emini Trading School live trading room that often as to my rotating work schedule and because I prefer to trade the overnight session but from the outset of my trading I've wanted to teach myself how to trade the Emini's on my own. I realize there are hundreds of trading rooms that make claims of incredible profits as I've tried out a number of them, all you have to do is give them $300 a month to trade their winning system. Upon closer inspection their claims are usually inflated if not fabricated with the trading room really only making money on the continual memberships of perspective traders. On the flip side there are also thousands of would be traders who really have very little market experience who join these trading rooms with absolutely no interest in studying or taking any time to learn any trading rules or strategies fully expecting to quit their day job listening to someone tell them when to place their trades. With the recent surge of online trading rooms I think it isn't prudent of anyone allowing someone else to trade your money. You should make your own adult decisions whenever you make a trade. No trading room is going to make you wealthy. Only you can do that, but it requires commitment and a lot of trial and error at least this has been my personal experience. With the number of get rich quick trading websites online today you would think there would be countless numbers of traders especially at this site with their success stories. Unfortunately online trading simply is not for everyone. Greg doesn't call live trades nor does he advertise that he does. I have no way of knowing how many trading days he has in a row that are profitable. Showing proof to this claim would certainly bring credibility with it. I have been in his trading room when he has made some very accurate predictions and there have been other times when the market has gone the other way. I enjoy his commentary and market insight but prefer to choose my own entry and exit points. I don't believe rolling the dice with your hard earned money on someone else's say so is a wise thing to do.

With the original purchase of the software it was scripted to run on the Ninja 6.5 platform. A few months later Ninja 7 was released and the software templates weren't transferable to the newer version. It took a month or two during the transition but Greg had all the templates rewritten so they would function properly in the newer version. As with the original software purchase there were dozens of downloadable videos on how to set up and use the Emini Trading School software as well as pdf ready trading plans. There were also promises of future updates in video form as well as pdf format which I have received. The software updates were included free of charge but there were some additional indicators that were added at a cost of $100 to $200 dollars which came with lifetime licenses. If you choose not to purchase these indicators it wouldn't effect the way the original software package worked so you weren't forced to upgrade for fear that your original software wasn't going to function. There was one indicator upgrade that was more expensive due to scripting for the Ninja 7 platform. I purchased it and am enthusiastic about it. A one hour explanation and setup video was produced by Greg to aid in the use of this indicator. The software has performed flawlessly with Ninja 7. It never locks up or is erratic as I'm connected to the markets whenever they're open. I spent almost a full year on a part time basis due to work schedules before I started trading with live funds. I still use and execute my trading strategies using the same Emini Trading School software that I bought a year ago. To date my account has grown with the winners and losers. I have stayed in contact with Greg a few times a month over the last year just to report my progress and to stay on top of any software updates. I have always found Greg to be polite and I can't thank Greg enough for the encouragement, support and software package that he has put together to allow me to trade the way I do today.

To wrap it all up I am simply a trader of the markets who is on a journey to be the best that I can be. There are no guarantees when you trade. As a consumer who paid for a package of software and related trading tools I have received what I paid for. I have no affiliations with the Emini Trading School. Hopefully my testimonial and personal experiences will bring some balance to this thread.

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