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Trading the Jam way

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Vouch for JAM the trader

Marc V View Post
Hi Mike, everyone,

I was doing a google search on Jam the trader trying to get opinions on JAM, and I wound up being directed here. I am already a member so was happy to try to read any reviews but Im so far not seeing any people who are happy with his free teachings here or whatever services he charges for as he has stated openly he has a paid for service as well. Was he banned? Can anyone tell me if they made money following his free posts here or his paid for service on his site? Very strange I dont see any continuation here. Even if he was banned can someone tell em their opinion of JAM or his website?


One of the best ever evolving operations I've had an opportunity to be a part of Marc. He has a full service website that teaches discpline trading. Those guys make money. You should check it out when you get a chance. I would grab all the free advice here you can soak up. Much like myself he really likes what he is doing and enjoys sharing it with thankful. Banned, that's pretty funny.

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