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Trading the Jam way

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Juno Beach
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Bar Types

All right guys, I am going to start teaching again. The first topic that I will start with is bar types. Please feel free to step in and join as well as add any bar types that you feel are relevant. After Bar types we will move on to
  • Gann Pivot Analysis (helps with trend and chop determination)
  • Chart Patterns
  • Entry Techniques
  • Stop loss techniques
  • building a trading plan
  • And whatever else may help

You will not need any special indicators for these lessons. You simply need time in front of the screen, a solid profitable trading plan that you can follow and the ability to humble yourself very quickly

One quick note, there are thousands of ways to enter the market and many many trading systems, which will all go through draw downs. It is up to you to stop chasing the holy grail and embrace a system, learn its strengths and weaknesses and trade. Moving from room to room or forum to forum looking for that "someone" who will make you a trader is a losing proposition. If you are not willing to step up and take responsibility for your actions then you should not be trading period. Remember at the end of the day it is you, for you, about you, and only you when it comes to trading. Nobody on the other side gives a rats a** whether you win or lose!


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