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Harmonic Currency Pair Cross Index

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Hey JetTrader,
There is still interest here so I hope you drop by sometime!

I also do have one question that I can't seem to figure out. As I understand it your SAC numbers put most emphasis on the newest bar and then less and less emphasis on the older bars. Wouldn't this mean that if the newest bar had a very low omega number then the fill percentages on the next bar could sky rocket? I mean above the normal range of 0-140%~ to something closer to 250% on rare occasions. You also seem to calculate old bar's fill percentages using averages that use that bar's high and low (the future...if it were the current bar). So I am a bit confused here.

If yesterdays bar's fill percentages are calculated using that bar's high and low to get the SAC number. Then what do you do for the current bar?

This in no way reflects on where I am at with my research. I am just using raw data for now. The stuff I am coming up with is amazing. I go to space and back trying violently to go a different direction than yours (my ego) often times coming up with very cool stuff. I'd love to discuss it but I'll get more research done first!

To those wondering this is not related to harmonics. I'm just asking him about some average calculations that I think he uses.

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