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Price Action @ Confluence Zones

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Price Action @ Confluence Zones

Hey Guys,

I wanted to get the feedback of fellow traders new and experienced on the way they take reversals and continuation in confluence zones in trending markets between 5m-4 hour charts. In the spot fx market.

I understand that continuations make up 65-70% of developed market patterns and reversals make up 30-35%.

To my understanding for price action to make a continuation it usually stabs through the Support/Resistance zone or a momentum candle then pullbacks, which may been seen in lower timeframes for it to hold to make a continuation. Reversals usually make a pin bar reversal signal at a major structure level or between 38.2 - 78.6% fib level at times a double pin bar. I also seen at times price hugging the S&R lines especially in the Asian session coming into Europe for price to pullback and breakout only for it to fake out and then breakdown or a true breakout after a false breakout. Also, price tends to have a control point at 00 numbers with it either poking through and reversing or blasting through and continuing.

What's your experience been like? Please stick to the topic.

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