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Boomerang indicator system at

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BCT Works As Good As You Trade

I bought BCT back in November and it works pretty well. It's actually a rather simple system. It is different from the original Boomerang System (I have both) which I found not that good for trading ES. However, once I applied some of the nuances from BCT to original Boomerang, I have found that it is easier to spot opportunities in ES with the original.

Anyway, like any other method, BCT will not make or break you.

I have been rather profitable with the system, but I have been trading for a while now and I do filter a few of the trades (not just entering blindly.) Sometimes I miss out on a clear winner that BCT presents, other times I save myself some dough.

I have added a few things to this BCT chart, one of which is available on this forum called anaSuperTrendM1 (which I use as an ATR stop loss or to help me filter some trades.)

If there is one thing that BCT has helped me with in my trades, its getting comfortable with pullback entries. Until BCT, I was always more of a "breakout trader."

I have read through many of the posts on this thread, and while I like a free set of indicators as much as the next trader, a system like BCT isn't just indicators. Rather, BCT is a documented system with a manual and a clear set of rules for trading, which I think would help a new trader quite a bit, someone who might look at all the BCT indicator settings that may or may not have been exposed in this thread and shrug his shoulders and say to himself, "What are all these numbers and indicators everyone here is talking about and how should I trade them?"

Anyway, hope this info helps anyone considering BCT. It's no Holy Grail, but it is a decent rule based system and the signals are pretty easy to identify.

Trade green!

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