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Boomerang indicator system at

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Not worth it....

...Boomerang Currency Trader is not worth the money. I got a big discount of it because I had purchased boomerang scalp trader then another 10%.

I would not recommend it, take a look at the video's anyone can come up with indicators then take a chart and show you how great the indicators performed. Now take the same indicator and apply it to real time with a REAL account and lets see how it performs. When I sent an email to Mohan and asked him if he could point me to videos that showed real time trading with a REAL account this was his response:
the charts don't show any different setups than a live chart would.

Everything is the same on the charts I show except in a live environment most of the trades will take 10 minutes or more to pan out as you can see on the vids I send. time scale on the bottom of the chart.

As mentioned in this briefing, I am not a salesman. You can watch the videos for as long as you want and if you want to buy BCT then go ahead. If not then just continue with your current trading process which I hope is succesful for you.

I post the exact testimonials we get back from the recent buyers showing that what is seen on the vids is the same in the live trading.

I am busy during the day operating as a hedge fund manager for private clients. BCT is a side business to assist traders in becoming winning traders. I have not found one system in 15 years that operates like BCT. If I had I would have purchased it and made money. I wouldn't have had to spend a whole year and 1000 hours of research to develop BCT.

I challenge anyone to show me a trader or a system that I can purchase and start making winning trades tommorrow in the markets.

I would love to turn my money over to a winning trader who could trade it for me.....then I can go to the beach with my guitar and relax. But in 15 years I have not found one single trader or system who can do this inspite of all the BS hype out there making it look like there are all these brilliant guys making all this money with their fake trading rooms etc. They only show their good trades.....while overall they lose.

So just watch the videos and decide if you want to get involved or not. Its up to you.

Best, Mohan"

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