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Power of MTP for ES wave Count

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MTP Experience

Big Mike View Post
18 months later, I stumbled across this again.

MTPredictor | MTPRT add-ons for NinjaTrader 7

I still have to admit I like the R/R part of MTP. It's been a long time since I demoed the software, but I remember the R/R part even 2+ years ago as being something I really liked.

I understand it seems to set targets based on waves and pre-determined ratios.

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$2,000 for a risk/reward system is too much for me to even consider. I guess if you are a wave guy then maybe the $2,000 is more appealing to you, as it is my understanding very few tools accurately account for waves (I believe there is a reason for that....)

I wish more people would focus on building these R/R tools and less on trying to predict where price will go next with some new indicator.


I bot MTP and have yet to find a way to make it profitable. Some others have success they say but not me. I have hundreds of pictures of great trades, so that is a worthless exercise....There is a guy from Indy Warehouse that swears by it and is conducting a 3 day intense workshop, starting next week, free, on the software, obviously in hopes u will buy it. I also like the R/R calcs but only wish they'd enhance the programming to a point where multiple time frame analysis was automatic or assisted in the decisions. I got the impression MTP doesn't want to fully invest in the potential of the software, as certain bugs/difficulties in display are still apparent. This is a key area I need to work harder at seeing if I can make it work for me. Never found an indy yet that would go with it to improve the reliability, and I've tried many. Now that I've invested in it, I'll never stop looking for a way to make it work for me. Any/all advice is appreciated.

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