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Order Flow Analytics (www.orderflowanalytics.com)

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I cant believe I stumbled on this OFA thread.
I just finished a 2 month training with them. Its funny to hear the wide range of views about his technology. I can tell you that after 19 years of position and swing trading, the last year or so, I have decided to be a full time trader. Now i'm in the process of getting my plan together for daytrading around my swing and core positions. With daytrading, I knew I wanted to start at the meat of price action. I chose OFA, It was $2500 for the video library and live trading room for 2 months.(which I just finished)
then its $2500 for the OFA pro package software
Then its $2500 for a few more options and his "trade tracker" technology which is what looks like a slidescale that is tracking buying and selling flows AFTER you are in the trade. The algo parameters identify qualified momentum shifts and automatically takes you out. Nobody in the room trades without it. (for exits only)
You can adjust the parameters in more volitile markets or just click it off.
His volume cluster charts are designed with the same momentum shifts which makes a new bar on every shift. So his charts look nothing like i've ever seen. You see all price action for that bar in the form of one directional monentum segment. I'ts weired but cool. I was still trading my 15sec and 2min charts while using his posted traderoom chart for my entries. This is no lie, Combining orderflow trading with my swing style has been the majic stick for me.
I have not bought the software yet. Thats why its funny I found this because I'm trying see if there is anything similar here. So far my head is spinning with the cool ways you all work together building stuff.
I can say that OFA is pretty expensive but is in no way, a scam
As with any software, If you aren't consistant with your rules and cut losses, no software will help
It will take me a month to look at all the stuff thats here. I'm excited!

Hello Init. Thanks for the review. Have you made the investment in the software yet? When I went through their sales pitch it seemed that the training and software went hand in hand?

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