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I exported friday's trades via CSV format, and then imported into the MSA software. Bear in mind its only 8 trades. But this is what it yielded in terms of output.

The export/import process took about 3-4 minutes total. Since it uses a field mapping tool, the process was super easy. The items not imported into the MSA I don't use anyway so no functionality was lost at least for me.

There are a number of set and forget settings in the software. 4 per point, margins, commissions, etc. I think if I just import the info from Ninnie, I'll get all this anyway. We'll see over time.

The MSA software does not allow for multiple targets on one trade. So if you wanted to calculate the total profit or loss on a multi target trade, you would need to input each trade manually and split out the contracts by target.

But since Ninnie calculates the average exit price, you could just use the Ninnie trade summary exit price as your MSA exit price on the entire position regardless of how many targets you had on any one trade.

The down side here is you don't get a measure of how often those extra targets are hit vs how often the first target is hit.

I think the upside to the software outweigh this small issue.

Also, in Ninnie, you must calculate the summary using currency instead of points, the mapping tool in the MSA has a field for profit/loss. It does not calculate the P&L using entry/exit prices. This is also a small issue in my opinion.

I've downloaded a trial copy of the software and will use it every day to track my trades. At the end of the 30 days, i will report on my experience and I will also post both my normal spreadsheet and the MSA results.

Hey Panda
How did you go with this software? Has it proven to be useful/user friendly?


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