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EZ Color Trading - Article - wgreenie

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Well, fascinating really.

I now dont know about this assessment of 'niceness'. The web persona was 'nice' and it elicited a lot of support based on apparent struggle and distress.

We all know that the presentation of 'easy' trading systems ultimatley ends up with 2 main things for niave customers - loss of money and loss of time; Sometimes huge amounts of both. Vendors also know this - this is the part that pisses me off. This is a misleading act that has real personals costs, personal costs that run a business.

Sure, capitalism easily takes the amoral line - and Fattails has demonstrated this argument nicely in this thread. He is able to hold onto the ideas that vendors are selling dreams without basis and that that vendor cannot be judged on a moral basis simultaneously. I cant do that very well although I understand that it is the reality of trading education. It never ceases to amaze me the level of deception occurring out there and how many people are willing to engage with it.

I dont agree with FT's view that there is a moral equivalence between trading and the actions of a misleading vendor - interesting to unpack that one further though. Maybe we are all morally corrupt but I would not like to think so

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