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EZ Color Trading - Article - wgreenie

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Amen, Bruddah.....

But, I think we just have a different set of core values and I find this world full of few people who share those...

Nothing wrong with developing something that 'could' work. For instance, Fat Tails has indicators he is planning to sell. To me, those are of value that you can add that to the tool belt. Value is added and created...

I reviewed Beth's 'deal' and to me it is misleading... Like 99.99999999% of all vendors... So, when you are dishonest and presenting a different image to sell something then to me it defies what I consider good core values.

It isn't an argument of 'the person spent time', 'the person contributed', 'the person is a sweetheart', as I believe them all to be invalid in the context of the issue.

Does the system work for Beth? NOOOOOOOO.

Does the system work for others? MAYBE, and I guess this is where it probably is not fare to cast judgement, but I can cast judgement on the snake oil marketing and sales approach.

I have yet to see a vendor make a sale by showing a financial statement. Except CTA's who obviously don't sell you a 'system' to trade on your own.

I hear ya! This is more about integrity than it is about trading. I am frequently disappointed by the lack of just that in the world. It's apparent everywhere, not even limited to the realm of financial gain. I find people stepping on others to inflate their own ego just as bad. I might be a little naive, but I believe it's wrong to exploit others for personal gain, regardless of the situation.

Now many are probably thinking: "Well, how come you are such an arrogant asshole (sometimes) then?".
A fair question, I guess. I have to admit that I am prone to polemics, but that actually serves a useful purpose. Fierce debate has always been instrumental in driving the world forward, it forces one to crystallize one's own ideas.
I always enjoy a verbal boxing match, but I would never try to exploits others ignorance!

That being said, there are helpful tools for sale. My problem lies more with the green = buy/red = sell, no effort required, get rich quick schemes out there.
Like you said, everything would be solved by providing account statements. There must be a reason none of them do?
It seems most don't even bother to visit her site, so I'll copy and paste a few paragraphs:

"I started learning Futures in 2009. It’s almost a 24/7 profession and I’ve spent over 15,000 hours in this industry up until now. For example,

~ read hundreds of trading books
~ attended close to 100 webinars
~ watched hundreds of videos
~ tried close to 100 trading systems
~ experimented with hundreds of indicators

Having invested so much time in the Futures business, I was unable to come across a trading system that met my level and expectation. I started creating my own system in summer 2010

If that doesn't scream "I have no clue of what I'm talking about", then I don't know what does. 15, 000 hours in 3 years?

It gets worse:
"EZ Color is one of the simplest and most effective trading systems in the market …

All green/aqua Go Long
All red/magenta Go Short

~ Stay with the overall trend
~ No more guesswork
~ Precise and timely EZ signals
~ Minimal analysis when entry rules align
~ Built-in mechanism to protect capital and tighten stop
~ Above-average reward/risk ratio
~ Let your trade run
~ Accompany you from Start till End of a trade
~ Design to make your life easier"

This is the sort of marketing I really have a problem with. I don't know much, but I do know that this is not one of the "most effective trading systems in the market". Aside from that blatant lie, she also first states "No more guesswork", only to counter it with "Minimal analysis when entry rules align" a couple of lines further down.

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