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EOT pro webinar from Thursday July 23 2009

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is this unique to them?, or others have something of this?, I thought I saw this and others gave up trying to project a possible direction that the current point would be going forward

The one that EOT was playing with when I left was a prototype developed by a small canadian company, using fourier analysis. Looked pretty text-book to me, but they may have improved on it since then. There is a huge literature on Time-Series Forecasting, but you have to be kinda math-savvy to understand it.

That little company is certainly not the only one doing forecasting. It's something I plan to have a go at, in the future. Right now I'm too busy with other stuff. Google would know far more than I would about what others have.

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also, can you pm me with an alterntive to eot?

That's a weird request. What are you looking for... a live room? Or a workable indicator set? Or an educational experience? or ... ? I mean, one alternative to EOT is eating a hamburger, but that's only better if you are wanting a hamburger.

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