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EOT pro webinar from Thursday July 23 2009

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Sorry if I offend you, but I think your post is a sad statement on the average forum participant... always assuming the worst about educational vendors with no actual facts to back up your statements.

At least while I was with them, business was going so well it was a pain to deal with all the customers. I had no free time left, which is one reason why I left despite all the money that was pouring in.

Bill can't sit still. Always wants to try something new. Chances are one of EOT's clients suggested this and Bill loved it. Like you said, it was a creative thing to do, which probably appealed to him.


couple of questions,

they have a predictive indicator that works (display wise, whether or not it works in reality is to be seen, its not released yet) that works on longer term charts (15mins) and less so on shorter term charts (5mins or less).

is this unique to them?, or others have something of this?, I thought I saw this and others gave up trying to project a possible direction that the current point would be going forward

also, can you pm me with an alterntive to eot?

sorry for being so blunt or just putting it out there, as it were

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