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EOT pro webinar from Thursday July 23 2009

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It's a hokey and unprofessional way of soliticing in my opinion. Why the need to do this if money is dropping off the trees there?

I can assure you that they don't think of a slogan contest as something they "need to do." To them it's just fun. Besides, if there were only one trader left that didn't subscribe, EOT would advertise to try to get them. That's just business.

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And yes, I hold 99% of educational vendors in low esteem. Sorry if this offends you.

Blanket statements like that just needlessly close doors. I am far better off for the industry contacts I have made, and the ones that deserve to be held in low esteem show themselves as such quickly enough without me having to paint everyone with the same brush. Caution is warranted in all business transactions, but it seems that on anonymous internet forums it needlessly degrades to paranoia and outright hostility.

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