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Ten-thousand in Education and still not profitable!

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phasganon View Post
if you dont mind paying for the software i think this be along the lines you are looking for. i do not have the software . but it works with ninja traders dom and stratigies .
Welcome to Order Flow Analytics
and heres their youtube channel OrderFlowAnalytics's Channel - YouTube if you watch all of their video,s ,they do have exactly what you mentioned for the stops/trade mamegment looks pretty impressive hope this helps

Thanks for the tip, but I can't see that this does what I'm/@roztom is describing. I intend to spend next year on building a custom application, thus I will finally satisfy both the control freak in me and my practical needs.

Thanks anyway, though!

roztom View Post
Thanks for the heads up on the software..unfortunately I use IRT and my set ups are really not programmable at least I would have no clue..

I use volume analysis, VB along with Volume Nodes, etc, Market Profile and some fairy dust so I can't imagine it being programmed so I believe I am stuck doing it by hand...

Lorenz: I see you use CQG. I used it for years..it used to be called TQ 20/20 before it became System One in the mid-80's... 87ish I think.. It was "the" charting/analytical package... might still be... Back when I leased it, it cost apx $700./mo in the 80's!!!

Before internet, etc...

Regards, Tom

Wow, that is way back. Thanks for sharing!
I hadn't even heard of the TQ 20/20 before now. I was in kindergarten at the time, and, for some strange reason, they didn't offer CQG there..

I would argue that it's still "the" charting platform, I haven't tried any better. The price is still the same, at least for the basic package. Double it for the lot, and triple it to include the spreader.

I've used I/RT (or MarketDelta) for years (in fact, I still have it on my laptop), and it's a very powerful platform. I think it offers the best MP charts, and it also has a lot of interesting analysis tools.

If only I could get some of that fairy dust, I'd be set...

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