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EOT Automated System

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I guess you have read my volume splitter thread in the VIP area.

Do my tick and volume splitter indicators look accurate to you?

Sorry, haven't seen it. But if you have any specific questions maybe I can help. If by 'accurate' you mean similar to the EOT splitter: The original EOT splitter's delta value was just dominant-cycle length SMA of the split delta (not cumulative, just of each bar's delta). The thickness of the line was a bit more complicated calculation, but the goal was to notice 'lots' of big trades per unit of time.

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If my system tells me the market is trending up and the market begins a short term correction, I wait until there is a large volume spike in the direction opposite to the trend.

That is my entry point. Exiting trades is similar, exiting on volume exhaustion/ reversal spike.

I do think exhaustion is a real phenomenon, but I'm not sure I'd try to isolate big trader exhaustion. The VSA folks have this idea of 'stopping volume' which to me is just another word for the same thing. If you just look at a plain volume histogram on a range chart you can see it at times. So, I think a good trading plan could be built around it. I've not done that, but it sounds good to me.

To me, the reason to use a splitter is to spot places where the bigger traders seem to be making a liquidity grab (as opposed to a single entity adjusting huge hedged positions). So, you watch block trade delta, and you look for the intensity to spike, and you look for price to start moving. It's a pretty short-term phenomenon, so it's more of a scalping thing than anything else.

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P.S. Have you tried out my NoGapRangeBars???

Are those the ones that make the open of a bar == the close of the previous bar? If so, that was a good idea, and the charts I've seen look cleaner than ninja's range charts. When I made "point-o" bars that was one of the things I liked about them. Lately, though, SbsRenko is my favorite non-minute bar. I think it's fantastic.

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