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As I mentioned in a previous post. the S&P is widely used for hedging. Someone could take off a spread or a hedge and you'd see a big transaction. That doesn't mean that the trader had a directional bias on the S&P.

Also the large trader categories are separated into commercial hedgers & speculators. They do not trade together inside each category. The early (smart) speculators are now selling to the late-comer (dumb) speculators. So even in a large trader group there is "smart" and "dumb".

Yeah I definitely agree with you on these points. One thing that always made me cringe was the way Bill would talk about smart and dumb money in EOT's marketing materials, and how he'd keep saying "volume leads price." It wasn't slick marketing, as some people suggested. I know from talking to him that he really does think about the indicator this way. But to me it's an over-generalization that would hurt our reputation with people that knew better. It's also why my splitter wasn't just a delta profile... if all I cared about was the delta I wouldn't bother splitting the trade sizes out in the first place.

Anyway, sorry to hijack the thread, and I hope you know I'm not singling you out, cunparis. I just try to get the word out whenever I can: splitters are neither holy nor grail-shaped.

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