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Can you post some a couple days worth of charts with your volume splitter indicator? Then we can see if you cherry picked an example or it if really does predict turning points.

What I tried to explain to people many times on traderslaboratory is that predicting turning points is not what the splitter is all about. I think you were even participating during that time, cunparis. As larger orders are the majority of the volume anyway, the delta profile of the larger orders looks nearly identical to the overall "unsplit" delta. The most useful analysis also included the intensity of the large order activity (the thickness of the splitter line) in combination with what price did (the old VSA cliche: effort vs. results).

I mean, really, the majority of accumulation and distribution logically happens on the limit-order side of the trade anyway, which isn't what delta indicators measure. So, it's just not a proxy for actual big trader activity, no matter how much people want it to be.

But no one paid attention to me then and I don't expect anyone to listen to me now. Looking for a magic turning point predictor indicator is a fruitless task that no doubt is why so many people get sour on indicators.

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