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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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by rogerf own admission on nov 29; sim is different from trading live....

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For the record, he's not a "newly minted" psychology coach. He comes to FT with considerable experience helping traders master their emotions.

Please help me to understand...in one post you say, "Some of them fail for mysterious reasons that a psychologist might be able to explain." Then, in a later post you state, " I know the emotional issues very well. I SIM traded for over a year with great success. When I moved into the live market my performance suffered enormously."

If you understand emotional issues so well, how is it that you find them "mysterious" and need a psychologist to explain them to you? Sorry, I'm just confused by these two statements.

Also, I'm curious to know if, when you went from simulated to live account trading, did your system or method magically just stop working? Were you duped by incompetent mentors? Did they teach you a system that could somehow tell you were trading your live account and turned on you like Cujo?

Or could it be that the training was sound and comprehensive and in fact it was you and your fears that sabotaged your success and had nothing to do with the quality of your training and mentorship?

Think carefully before you answer. We might be on the verge of taking 2 steps forward again.


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on or about tuesday, november 29, 2011; rogerf revealed in a bmt thread that:

....As I have stated so many times before, I have tried moderating both with a live account and in simulation. For teaching purposes, simulation is much more effective and it's the way my students requested I teach. When I trade my live account, I am totally serious, totally focused and totally quiet....
I have had two conversations with our staff psychologist on this topic and he actually pointed out a couple of more good reasons why my trading a live account would be counter-productive.

So, let's stop the criticism and simply go our separate ways. We'll never agree on this....


there is never a criticism intended any where, my friend. there are only questions from traders who are unclear about your trading philosophy, issues and trading concerns and practices. you really should not be that personally defensive about nothing, really.

specifically, prior to re-reading your opinion and experiences concerning trading sim vs live declared by your good self on november 29, 201, i was sort of, in your behalf, on fire trying to figure out different ways to incite you to take the next necessary step toward becoming a truly professional trader which i think you deserve.... however, after reading your post which was quoted above, i'd better leave you alone to continue to happily trade your sim....

nevertheless, it seems to me that it is empirically regarded that only those who trade live can be accorded the title--professional traders, while the rest of the traders who for various reasons, prefer to trade on sim which, in and of itself, there is nothing wrong or undesirable about choosing sim trading; but the latter ought to realize that maybe they are at this point in time not quite ready for the acclaimation of the so-called professional traders status yet.

on the other hand, i do not think for a minute that big mike or any member herein would give it a hoot if someone would like to call himself/herself a professional trader or a master trader, irrespective of experiences or qualifications. i just believe that most members are just very engrossed in seeking different ways to becoming profitable and subsequently attaining the next step of utopia--on becoming consistently profitable traders, as quickly as they possibly can....

whatever name a trader desires to call himself/herself is really something personal and it won't bother too many people here either....; is my 2 wooden indian nickles worth.
and about your statement on the following, may i respond to it sometimes latter so as not to bore my fellow traders too much and too long here;

For the record, he's not a "newly minted" psychology coach. He comes to FT with considerable experience helping traders master their emotions

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