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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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So we're making some kind of progress after all...2 steps forward and 1 step back. Or maybe 2 steps back.

If I were oblivious to the emotional side of trading I would hardly be insisting on the huge difference between SIM trading and live trading. I know the emotional issues very well. I SIM traded for over a year with great success. When I moved into the live market my performance suffered enormously. This is for many, many traders the heart of the matter.

If I understand Roger's argument he seems to be saying that despite great success in mastering technical setups and learning the FT method, most students fail as traders for a multitude of reasons -- but especially for emotional reasons associated with trading risk. He can teach them the setups and he's hoping that their trading fears can be addressed by his new psychologist. So now FT has a three pronged approach:
1. Computer assisted entry signals.
2. Roger's mentoring.
3. A newly minted psychology coach.

I wish him and his students the best of luck!

For the record, he's not a "newly minted" psychology coach. He comes to FT with considerable experience helping traders master their emotions.

Please help me to understand...in one post you say, "Some of them fail for mysterious reasons that a psychologist might be able to explain." Then, in a later post you state, " I know the emotional issues very well. I SIM traded for over a year with great success. When I moved into the live market my performance suffered enormously."

If you understand emotional issues so well, how is it that you find them "mysterious" and need a psychologist to explain them to you? Sorry, I'm just confused by these two statements.

Also, I'm curious to know if, when you went from simulated to live account trading, did your system or method magically just stop working? Were you duped by incompetent mentors? Did they teach you a system that could somehow tell you were trading your live account and turned on you like Cujo?

Or could it be that the training was sound and comprehensive and in fact it was you and your fears that sabotaged your success and had nothing to do with the quality of your training and mentorship?

Think carefully before you answer. We might be on the verge of taking 2 steps forward again.

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