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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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hear ye, hear ye, rogerf has spoken.... preferring sim over live trading

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As I have stated so many times before, I have tried moderating both with a live account and in simulation. For teaching purposes, simulation is much more effective and it's the way my students requested I teach. When I trade my live account, I am totally serious, totally focused and totally quiet. Students learn little... only what they see. I don't answer questions. I only take two or three trades in a three hour span. It's very boring and a lousy way to teach.

If anyone thinks that they are going to enjoy tremendous success simply because their moderator is trading his live account, then by all means go find one. You need a showboater, not a mentor. It is far better to have a mentor that can teach than to have a live account trader who cannot.

I have had two conversations with our staff psychologist on this topic and he actually pointed out a couple of more good reasons why my trading a live account would be counter-productive.

So, let's stop the criticism and simply go our separate ways. We'll never agree on this. I don't let people who don't have a clue what or how I teach dictate my methods and I'd lose respect for any instructor that did. If someone can teach...and teach well...it doesn't matter which mode is traded as long as the system and rules are followed.

Also, I don't need "exposure". I do not want to teach the world how to trade. I keep my group relatively small and manageable. That's why we never advertise. A large group would be a lot of work and I'd certainly be less effective.

rogerf, you have spoken and unequivocally i for one will not engage you any longer on the topic of your preference of sim trading over live trading as an instructional vehicle in your very own trading room. i'll accept your decision that in your professional opinion and experiences you conclude that it is just as effective to trade sim as to trade live account for instructional purpose. and as far as i am concerned this topic is done with and i shall not bring it up with you any more henceforth.

in my opinion, those who trade live, whether they are teaching or trading for a living will continue to regard sim trading as play ground of amateurs and wannabes, sorry; even though as you stated that your own in-house psy is also in agreement with you which i am very happy for you both. wishing you the very best in helping other wannabe traders to become consistently profitable. wishing you and yours a very merry christmas and happy new year as well.

pls do let us know when your in-house psy person would make his debut, OK?

incidentally, if i were you, i would also tell others the name of your psy person, at least to honor him that much in public. but then again you are your own absolute master, do whatever pleases you, sir.

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