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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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So we're making some kind of progress after all...2 steps forward and 1 step back. Or maybe 2 steps back.

If I were oblivious to the emotional side of trading I would hardly be insisting on the huge difference between SIM trading and live trading. I know the emotional issues very well. I SIM traded for over a year with great success. When I moved into the live market my performance suffered enormously. This is for many, many traders the heart of the matter.

If I understand Roger's argument he seems to be saying that despite great success in mastering technical setups and learning the FT method, most students fail as traders for a multitude of reasons -- but especially for emotional reasons associated with trading risk. He can teach them the setups and he's hoping that their trading fears can be addressed by his new psychologist. So now FT has a three pronged approach:
1. Computer assisted entry signals.
2. Roger's mentoring.
3. A newly minted psychology coach.

I wish him and his students the best of luck!

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Let's put it this way: In the first 30 days of training, a minimum of 98% of students understand the method completely. The majority could probably teach the course. They watch me trade every day following the same rules they have been taught. They get the knowledge and it is taught very well. I get lots of kudos and zero complaints.

So, why do traders fail? Volumes have been written on that topic. Big Mike has webinars on the psychology of trading. It seems you are oblivious to the dramatic negative influence that emotions play in trading. I suggest that you try reading some of the hundreds of books written on trading psychology. Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas might be a good start.

The nasty effects of human emotions has always been a subject I discussed extensively...but I'm not a trained psychologist. That's why I hired one and I fully expect that to be a big factor in the success rate of my students.

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