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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I'm not interested in sparring with Roger. If you read my various posts in this thread you will see that I am entirely even-handed. I believe in letting people have their say and listening respectfully without pre-judging the issue.

Asking questions in an effort to understand what someone is selling is not a game. Nor is pointing out flaws in someone's interpretations or arguments.. It is an effort to get some approximate truth.

I'm not sure what you might have read in my posts that suggest that I was expecting IMMEDIATE positive results. I expect no such thing. I do expect that training over an appropriate period of time should yield positive skill acquisition. If not then some inquiry seems in order. I was suggesting that perhaps the explanation is that this is a skill that is hard or perhaps impossible to "teach".

So here's what I have heard from this thread in response my questions so far:

1. Most people don't make the grade as traders but most of them do master the setups, software, rules.
2. Some students (probably a relatively small #) become successful traders.
3. Some of failures are lazy.
3. Some of them fail for mysterious reasons that a psychologist might be able to explain.

As soon as I have the scheduling worked out I'll be happy to drop by the Felton trade room and see what I can learn. Thanks for the invitation.


PS. Yes, Hap. I am a "doc" but not a frustrated trader. Frustrated only by how hard it is to get a straight answer from trading vendors of various stripes.

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Exiledgoblin -- or should I say Professor Exiledgoblin:

It seems like you're wanting to hear that people are IMMEDIATELY seeing positive results from Felton students after signing up with Felton Trading or you are considering that it's just simply a lottery ticket. Nothing could be further from the truth IMO. I've been with FT now for about three months. Do I have any regrets about signing up? Absolutely not. Have I become a trading millionaire yet? Certainly not. Have I become a better trader showing better results than when I walked in the door? You bet I have!!

There's a lot of training that's involved and a rather -- well, I won't say too "steep" of a learning curve, but there's definitely a learning curve, as Jillzy has mentioned previously here. There is a LOT of data to absorb and lots of things to take into account in the software that's provided. There's some tweaking involved. There's a good amount of SIM trading involved to test out the new "tools" that Divergence Pro and the entire system offers. Do I stumble occasionally in my trading efforts? You bet I do. But the camaraderie of the trading room, the training involved, being able to watch a trader with umpteen more hours behind the screen than I do is worth the price of admission in my opinion. I guess I'm not at my 10,000 hours yet.

I can't seem to understand why you keep insisting this is a lottery ticket that's purchased by the students without even having been in the room at all. Is that correct? Or have you? Any particular reason you just haven't signed up as a guest to come in instead of sparring here with Roger?
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I'm just a student, but I'm personally inviting you to come by and check it out. I see you're an Elite member so you can come in as long as you like. From my experience and from what I can tell -- as I don't know any of the fellow students personally -- but I'd venture to guess that a hefty percentage of the students have been trading for a while but haven't seen the results they thought they were going to have seen by now so they've landed at Felton. I'll loosely call them "frustrated traders." Perhaps YOU, too, are a "frustrated trader."

Like you, I also have a professional career that I practice after trading in the morning. I'm grateful and lucky that I live on the west coast so it allows me that opportunity. I'm also grateful that I have AT LEAST 10,000 hours under my belt at that craft and perform it like a master, as Roger does with trading. No, I haven't quit my day job yet, but that's definitely my goal -- and it's a much more realistic goal thinking about it in the last three months.

Hope to "see" you in the room, Doc. (You are a Doc; right?)


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