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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I have no wish to vilify anyone. And the argument that if someone were any good at trading they would not be teaching is a kind of Catch 22. Sort of like: "If you know you don't teach. If you teach you don't know." This effectively rules out a priori that there could be any such thing as a valuable trading education.

I am simply trying to do some due diligence before sinking money into stuff I cannot test before purchasing and cannot get a refund on afterwards. I'm finished with that trap!!!

So apart from the impressive SIM numbers daily racked up by Roger and Clint in the Felton Trading room here are some additional numbers I'd be very interested in:

1. What percentage of Felton students wind up making money as successful traders? Given that they have the DivergencePro software and Roger's training and mentoring, what are the odds of being successful? Obviously, I'm not asking that anyone predict the success of any particular student. I'm asking for some historical stats on success rates.

2. In an effort to factor the various dimensions of Roger's impressive numbers it would be helpful if we could get a fix on the performance of the DivergencePro software itself. That is, it would be helpful if we had back test results along with the parameters used in terms of stop loss, targets, filters, etc. That would perhaps provide a useful measure of how help one might expect from the software and how much should be attributable to the skill that one might or might not be able to pick up from the mentoring process.


Let's put it this way: In the first 30 days of training, a minimum of 98% of students understand the method completely. The majority could probably teach the course. They watch me trade every day following the same rules they have been taught. They get the knowledge and it is taught very well. I get lots of kudos and zero complaints.

So, why do traders fail? Volumes have been written on that topic. Big Mike has webinars on the psychology of trading. It seems you are oblivious to the dramatic negative influence that emotions play in trading. I suggest that you try reading some of the hundreds of books written on trading psychology. Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas might be a good start.

The nasty effects of human emotions has always been a subject I discussed extensively...but I'm not a trained psychologist. That's why I hired one and I fully expect that to be a big factor in the success rate of my students.

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