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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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ahhh, sawadee krub, hapster:

....as for you, hap krub, i would like to share my secret wish with you in reference to another secret reason i like to temporarily revisit your guru's trading room again with his and bev's permission, of course--that this reputed psy person would be able to convincingly point out to rogerf that....

THERE TRULY EXIST A SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT BETWEEN TRADING SIM AND TRADING LIVE WITH YOUR OWN MONEY.... which most trading for a living already discern and accept as another immutable and indisputable fact....

anyway, we'll see.... if rogerf's new hire--psychologist would dare to approach this subject with rogerf, which rogerf himself has been eluding and evading ever since his first post or so, with so many variations of excuse....LOL ...

...it seems only persons who never place a live trade before, would be denied that element of euphorically levitated experiences when the first live trade is being triggered.... well, as i said repeatedly, you are your own absolute master and whatever direction you take is also alright with me, a third party observer. as stated before, whatever personal and professional reason you have for not wanting to go on live account--is cheerfully respected by my humble self also, K? hope to see you again soon with your new psy person in action.

....my humble apology to everyone who suffers thru my sort of wishing and nudging my trading friend, rogerf, toward becoming a fully mature guru in trading education.... unless and until rogerf turns live and trades live--IF NOTHING ELSE, TO PROVE TO HIMSELF, MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE; he will forever remain in the shadow... which i personally believe he honestly deserves much better exposure than that.... but then, at the very end.... it is all up to his own good self, isn't that so, rogerf?

As I have stated so many times before, I have tried moderating both with a live account and in simulation. For teaching purposes, simulation is much more effective and it's the way my students requested I teach. When I trade my live account, I am totally serious, totally focused and totally quiet. Students learn little... only what they see. I don't answer questions. I only take two or three trades in a three hour span. It's very boring and a lousy way to teach.

If anyone thinks that they are going to enjoy tremendous success simply because their moderator is trading his live account, then by all means go find one. You need a showboater, not a mentor. It is far better to have a mentor that can teach than to have a live account trader who cannot.

I have had two conversations with our staff psychologist on this topic and he actually pointed out a couple of more good reasons why my trading a live account would be counter-productive.

So, let's stop the criticism and simply go our separate ways. We'll never agree on this. I don't let people who don't have a clue what or how I teach dictate my methods and I'd lose respect for any instructor that did. If someone can teach...and teach well...it doesn't matter which mode is traded as long as the system and rules are followed.

Also, I don't need "exposure". I do not want to teach the world how to trade. I keep my group relatively small and manageable. That's why we never advertise. A large group would be a lot of work and I'd certainly be less effective.

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