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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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just curious, are you sure you got it all right in terms of your newly hired--Doctorate of Psychology? which is another great idea in addition to graciously allowing bmt members to attend your daily trading room gratis.

now coming back to your new hire, he did earn a Doctor of Psychology degree from some higher learning institutions, correct? and he himself never refers to his academic achievement as a Doctorate of Psychology, or does he? if he does, then you perhaps need to pay close attention.

most probably, he would say that he has earned a doctorate degree in psy (as distinguished from a ba or ma degree holder) and not a doctorate of psy degree, isn't that quite correct? just want to bring it to your attention, so when you present him in public or in your own trading room, you would be able to address and introduce him properly--only if you wish, roger.

to quote you--The psychological side of trading is so important that I have hired a Doctorate of Psychology who has many years of trading and mentoring experience to come on board starting in December....

an academically earned Ph.D. individual in psy area is not easy to come by at all, not even from among reputedly notorious cab drivers in new york city, who also are in possession of advance degrees but prefer the freedom to roam, drive, service and help those coming to visit the famous apple....

and on top of that, according to you, he also has many years of trading and mentoring experience as well.... now that is truly a big big plus on your column, roger. congratulations is in order indeed.

and perhaps, you would surely grant me another occasion to join your trading room, when he is on line live, to hear his wisdom in learning how to trade profitably for a living, won't you?

do you also know whether the initials appearing behind his name, contain a Ph.D. or an Ed.D. or other more modernized certifications?

as you also know that there are several specializations in the field of psy, such as; sports psy, experimental psy, cognitive psy, learning theory psy, abnormal psy et al; which is his field of specialization pls?

nevertheless, it is a very wise and far reaching decision to hire a full time qualified trading psychologist on your team. congrats again, roger. (just my humble one man opinion having nothing to do with nothing)

Yes, he is a Ph.D (Doctor of Psychology). He is also a Pastor so has a lot of experience in counceling. He spent a number of years working in a psychatric hospital. But the area of psychology he really enjoys is working with traders. He will be coming on board probably around mid December. I believe he will provide a vital service to our trading group so we're excited about this new addition. I'll keep everyone posted when he conducts public seminars.

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