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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I have no wish to vilify anyone. And the argument that if someone were any good at trading they would not be teaching is a kind of Catch 22. Sort of like: "If you know you don't teach. If you teach you don't know." This effectively rules out a priori that there could be any such thing as a valuable trading education.

I am simply trying to do some due diligence before sinking money into stuff I cannot test before purchasing and cannot get a refund on afterwards. I'm finished with that trap!!!

So apart from the impressive SIM numbers daily racked up by Roger and Clint in the Felton Trading room here are some additional numbers I'd be very interested in:

1. What percentage of Felton students wind up making money as successful traders? Given that they have the DivergencePro software and Roger's training and mentoring, what are the odds of being successful? Obviously, I'm not asking that anyone predict the success of any particular student. I'm asking for some historical stats on success rates.

2. In an effort to factor the various dimensions of Roger's impressive numbers it would be helpful if we could get a fix on the performance of the DivergencePro software itself. That is, it would be helpful if we had back test results along with the parameters used in terms of stop loss, targets, filters, etc. That would perhaps provide a useful measure of how help one might expect from the software and how much should be attributable to the skill that one might or might not be able to pick up from the mentoring process.


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Two interesting sides of the coin. Monpere takes a more narrow but understandable view of the trading education industry. The vast majority of trading "gurus" have no business teaching something they can't do. In this business, even free advice can be terribly expensive if it's wrong. If teaching traders to be their best involved all the work monpere describes, I'd probably take his advice and just trade. But nearly every business involves teamwork where the best people are hired to perform specific duties. In this business, no single person can do it all. But I honestly love what I do and I'll not apologize for that.

Trader Duck brings up another good point. Nobody will ever be able to be all things to all traders. One of the first things I tell students is to never abandon what is working for them already. Trader Duck's system is, in his words, better than mine . He's trading a system he fully understands, not mine which he doesn't. Logically speaking, Trader Duck's system is evidently already providing a nice income for him and keeps him in the top 10% of the world's traders consistently. I commend Trader Duck for not being tempted to change horses in the middle of a race he's already winning. That would make no sense.

In my entire working life, as with most people, everything involved providing a service of some kind that was needed by others whether is was as an employee or running a company. This aspect of "working" has always been very important to me and I always strived to be the best at whatever I did. I got tremendous satisfaction in knowing that effort made other's lives better in some way. With pure trading, I'm not providing a service to anyone. The money is great, but something huge is missing.

Over the years, I've found that you can never argue personal values with someone that believes all that matters in life is making money. Personally, I don't think any individual possesses the wisdom to tell others how they should earn a living or what their personal motivations should be. But I could be wrong.

It always struck me as extremely odd that Trading Education is the only arena where the educators are vilified, not on the basis of their talents and knowledge, but simply because of the field in which they teach.

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