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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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will the original proprietor, inventor, coder.... pls stand up?

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Of course Roger is going to allow you another occasion to join the trading room. You know that futures.io (formerly BMT) Elite members are granted that. However, I'm curious. You were in the trading room for I think a week awhile back. It took me only about three days' worth of the free trial to figure out that Felton Trading was what my trading plan lacked. What exactly would a repeat visit do for you that you couldn't figure out in a week of being there? What exactly are you looking for that you're not finding by visiting the room?

Sorry, Roger, but I've been meaning to answer this gentleman for a few of his posts now.



ahhh, sawadee krub, hapster:

to be exact i was there three times, if that would help to jolt your memory.

i am also very happy that you've found the missing link in your trading setup and that ft could fill up that trading vacuum in your trading plan, seriously. you are very fortunate that you found the missing link so early on in your trading sojour, while many are still searching for that personal holy grail.

if you were to read my entire response in reference to ft, you would come to the conclusion that i am more in support of what he is doing than showering his school with negativities as you might have misconstrued the entire scene.

i also stated in one of my several responses that rogerf is probable a profitable trader. do you know why i dare to make that statement which i never made for any other trading schools yet (i only visited a few, whence time permits)?

the reason is really simplistic--his trading setup and contraption are quite similar to one of my own contraptions. i like to make the call as i see it and i gave credit to rogerf for all the positive impact.

as to why i would like a return visit since i was already there for 3 sessions? ahh, did you or did you not notice that rogerf has vaulted his training school to another level just this morning?

did you not read my response to his announcement of hiring a brand new psy person starting from dec? ah, you really ought to scroll back and read it which would invariably answer your question nicely, i presume, as to why i like to return to ft again?

honestly speaking, a psy person with prior experiences in live trading (profitable or not, is not an issue here) and accumulated hand-on teaching experiences, providing traders training for others who seek profitability is a true rarity, don't you think? do you think i would pass up that opportunity to listen and learn a few new insights from such a highly qualified entity, for free?

now to enlighten you and others, particularly Jillzy who kindly expounded her personal experiences in the ft trading room for other traders here on bmt which is much appreciated too.

perhaps, you, jillzy and many others are not aware that currently there are at least 3 trading parties or more who are using similar contraption and most also claim profitability but in view of the fact that there is no statistical evidence to prove or disprove their claims, who is to say if or when their claims are truly spurious or not.

if you have any doubt about what i stated, pls take another look at the attachment which was posted once already during the last month or so. however the person addressed to, somehow chooses not to respond, which is also alright with me. it is a trader's prerogative not to implicate oneself which i also believe in, silly as it might seem, alright?

likewise, as for Jillzy, who kindly expounded her personal experiences in ft for other traders, i said thank you for sharing your observation with us here. and you also stated that--Even if these indicators aren't any better thank (sic) anyone else's (and I think that they ARE better than most).... may i also draw your attention to the attachment as well, ok?

inasmuch as i am in no position to judge in regard to the true original proprietor of the attachment, it is a shame to all the darling pretenders to the throne, attempting to claime proprietorialship when, in fact, most likely they are only imposters at best, imho.

now please do not get all worked up and bombard me, i already stated that.... in my humble opinion, OK?

as for you, hap krub, i would like to share my secret wish with you in reference to another secret reason i like to temporarily revisit your guru's trading room again with his and bev's permission, of course--that this reputed psy person would be able to convincingly point out to rogerf that....

THERE TRULY EXIST A SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT BETWEEN TRADING SIM AND TRADING LIVE WITH YOUR OWN MONEY.... which most trading for a living already discern and accept as another immutable and indisputable fact....

anyway, we'll see.... if rogerf's new hire--psychologist would dare to approach this subject with rogerf, which rogerf himself has been eluding and evading ever since his first post or so, with so many variations of excuse....LOL

as for him, our trading fellow rogerf, who stated again and again that apparently to him, there is no significant difference whether or not to trade sim or live, and i quote:

If anyone believes that they can become a great trader by simply watching someone trade a Live Account, then there's probably nothing I can say that will change their mind. But the truth is, it proves nothing.

rogerf, with all due respect, i hope your very own in-house psychologist would be able to shed some new light in your direction, so you would awake from your walter mitty environ, and stop insisting that--it makes no difference for traders or traders to be, whether the trading room is trading live or trading sim.

it seems only persons who never place a live trade before, would be denied that element of euphorically levitated experiences when the first live trade is being triggered.... well, as i said repeatedly, you are your own absolute master and whatever direction you take is also alright with me, a third party observer. as stated before, whatever personal and professional reason you have for not wanting to go on live account--is cheerfully respected by my humble self also, K? hope to see you again soon with your new psy person in action.

my humble apology to everyone who suffers thru my sort of wishing and nudging my trading friend, rogerf, toward becoming a fully mature guru in trading education.... unless and until rogerf turns live and trades live--IF NOTHING ELSE, TO PROVE TO HIMSELF, MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE; he will forever remain in the shadow... which i personally believe he honestly deserves much better exposure than that.... but then, at the very end.... it is all up to his own good self, isn't that so, rogerf?

pls do remember to compare the attached different setups claimed by different gurus as their own proprietorial properties and decide for yourself, who is the real original inventor, developer, programmer or coder, K? my apology everyone and thx much for your long suffering and indulgence, i solemnly promise to be more concise and succinct next time.

before i sign off though, perhaps you ought to know, the entity, as far as i know, who works up the original code is still working hard and feverishly among us even today. and the person is not among these pretenders to the throne by any long shot.... no, i do not have his permission to broadcast his identity, so i'd better shutup for now.

any more questions, khun hap....?

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