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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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With two very important qualifications I'd say the trades are credible (that is, no one is making these numbers up).

Keep in mind however that:

1. They are SIM trades. I know Roger insists that this should not factor into an evaluation of his products, teaching, or performance numbers in my opinion it absolutely makes a huge difference.
2. They are Roger's (Or Clint's) trades. In the hands of other traders like you or I the performance would be quite different and in all likelihood significantly poorer.


Hope everyone had a super Thanksgiving and took some time to help someone less fortunate.

As many futures.io (formerly BMT) Elite members know, they have free and unlimited access to the Trading Room. Their feedback is appreciated but only if genuine, good or bad. Pretty good deal, I'd say.

If anyone believes that they can become a great trader by simply watching someone trade a Live Account, then there's probably nothing I can say that will change their mind. But the truth is, it proves nothing. The only thing that proves the validity and value of a trading system is how the students themselves are doing. Nothing else matters.

When someone who masters a successful system is unsuccessful, the only logical reason is they haven't yet achieved the mental mastery that is absolutely essential to success. If you lack emotional control, then there's not a system on earth, no matter how good it is, that will help you.

The psychological side of trading is so important that I have hired a Doctorate of Psychology who has many years of trading and mentoring experience to come on board starting in December. He will be assisting traders on a full time basis to overcome the mental demons that plague so many traders and sabotage their success. Lack of this type of assistance is what causes most traders to fail...not because they didn't get to watch the "guru" trade his Live Account. Many traders can't afford this level of professional help but I feel it is imperative to success and will be offered free to benefit our traders. He'll be conducting several webinars that futures.io (formerly BMT) Elite members are free to attend, of course.

Exiledgoblin is right, traders expecting to match my results are in for a rude awakening if they refuse to do the work. There's training, close mentorship and lots of practice ahead. I'm a very conservative trader so beating my results isn't that hard...it's done often in the room by students. And I love it...means I'm doing my job.

Roger Felton

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